BottleRock strives to become one of the most sustainable festivals by increasing compost, decreasing landfill waste and eliminating single use plastic. With the help of our new sustainability partner, Bank of the West, you’ll see this commitment take shape at our September event!

Eliminating Single Use Plastic


BottleRock is eliminating all single use plastics in all areas of the festival and company offices.

BottleRock will provide free touchless water stations located throughout the festival site. 

In 2021, we will have 22 touchless water refill locations around the festival saving 269,000 single use vessels from the recycling stream per year.




Reusable wine glass program


We are using reusable glasses for our delicious wine program. By using a reusable wine glass, it helps us eliminate 55,000 single use wine glasses.






90% Less Water Usage


At BottleRock, we use primarily vacuum flushing toilets.  Using these toilets uses 90% less water than traditional toilets.

Using flushable vs. traditional port-o-potties eliminates the “blue chemical” deodorizers made from formaldehyde, toxic to humans and harsh to the environment.





Transitioning to clean power


We’re committing to 100% LED lights for all onsite lighting. 75% of BottleRock is now powered by on demand non generator-based power. 





Eliminating Emissions


Park ’N Ride
Take the Bay Area bus!
We have partnered with Busbank out of 9 cities around the bay. We have 2,900 riders to the festival. This saves as many as 1,100 cars off the road.

Free Local Transit
Take local transit – The Vine Bus! We have 2,700 riders from around Napa Valley hopping on the Vine.

Free Bike Parking
1,000 bikes a day are parked at BottleRock, helping keep cars off the road.

Compostables + Recycling


Across the BottleRock Music Festival site, we use BPI certified compostable or plant fiber beverage and service ware. All materials can be fully composted at Napa Recycling and Waste Management.

Thanks to our partnership with Bank of the West, who are redefining banking for a more sustainable future, we’ll be able to provide TerraCycle receptacles in an effort to collect non-recyclable items and divert more waste from the landfill. We recycle cardboard, pallets, plastic wrap, construction debris, astro turf and even wine corks.






Food Donations + Closing the Loop


BottleRock works year-round to improve our environmental sustainability and reduce waste. This year, we introduce BottleRock Upcycle: the post-festival donations and upcycling program.

The goal of this program is to identify and collect leftover or unwanted materials and redistribute them for reuse in the Napa Valley community.

We work directly with Feeding it Forward on all perishable and nonperishable food donations. Feed it Forward donates the food to the Napa Foodbank, local school and the community as a whole.