The Stone Foxes

Shannon and Spence Koehler are men of The West. Californians through and through, the brothers know that the Golden State encompasses two halves; abundance and pain. Fruit and fire. Their latest sound flaunts that dichotomy. It’s what they describe as “If Ennio Morricone and T. Rex had a baby.” To that, I say, yep. You can’t help but imagine them jamming out in spandex and spurs.

Born out of both global and personal hardships, “On The Other Side” is an album of the heart. As the world was forced to look inward, so were the Foxes. Quite literally for Shannon, who underwent a painful open heart surgery (his second open heart surgery and fourteenth heart surgery in total). But, out of this pain came a sweeping soundscape that feels like both new territory and a return to roots.

The production of this album was a journey in itself: written by Shannon and Spence, rehearsed in their parents’ basement, recorded in studios and living rooms throughout The Bay, and mastered in Nashville. But through heartaches, hardships and harbingers of doom, the connecting force has always been love; brotherly love, romantic love and, of course, the unbridled love of rock music. They exude this love during their unmissable live shows and when Shannon takes the band out on tour, the world is better for it.

With contributions from their usual co-conspirators (you might even catch Spence onstage) and a bevy of new voices, the band continues its journey into the great void of the future. A little older and a little wiser, they’re pioneers searching for a new world. But along the way, the path is filled with fruit and fire.