The Helmets

The HELMETS are a heavy rock band formed in 2013 in California, USA. Tye Trujillo (12), bass, Bastian Evans (12), guitar & back-up vocals, Kai Neukermans (12), drums, and Bryan Ferretti (13) guitar & vocals. They started playing music together in Bastian’s garage, straight from street skating and with their helmets still on, hence the band’s name, The Helmets. At the time they were 8 years old.

Their influences include Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, Metallica, Tool, Stevie Wonder,  QTSA, The Meters, and Black Sabbath. They are currently adding more original music to their set list, such as: Rising Machine, Ghost Rider and Thrash Doom. The Helmets style is a mix of metal, funk, and heavy / driving rock n’ roll.

When The Helmets get together they are skateboarding, surfing and of course ROCKING LOUD. They work hard but never forget to have fun. It’s nonstop energy and stoke when the band is together.