Pion 2 Zion


Hailing from Northern California, Pion 2 Zion is a high intensity Reggae Rock band that has been on a musical mission of astounding audiences with their lively performance and ‘good vibes’ energy. With lyrics ranging anywhere from anti-establishment propaganda, to fly by the seat of your pants – party till you drop – good times, Pion’s ideals have been attracting the attention of a large array of listeners all across the Nation.

Since beginning their musical journey in the Napa Valley, Pion 2 Zion has been collecting an audience who can’t help but be captivated by the soulful sound that their reggae phunk rock mix produces. They have also been experimenting with Spanish style lyrics intertwined with reggae dub beats, which brings a new age cultural flare to the stage.

It’s time to put the North Bay on the map for more than just fine wine! Now were blending the cultural diversity of the colorful Napa Valley and the spirit of ‘God’s country’ all in one. Their debut album ‘Rise Up’ released January 2013 and is available now on all major online music retailers. Pion 2 Zion is currently touring the West Coast gaining more fans and spreading their love of music, good times, and bright lights to the rest of the world!!!