Oke Junior

Matthew Osivwemu, also known as Oke Junior, is a hip hop performing artist from Oakland, California. When Oke was twelve years old he moved to Napa to live with his older brother Anthony. It was in Napa where Oke would turn his life around and began taking music seriously. His brother Anthony, who was also a music artist, became his music mentor.  After winning multiple talents shows throughout Middle School & High School, Oke knew music was his calling. He was heavily influenced by 90’s and early 2000’s hip hop and R&B. Admiring artist like Mac Dre, 2pac, & Snoop Dogg. His story telling, lyrical skills, and versatility as an artist is what makes him a stand out talent coming out of the Bay Area. He graduated from Napa High with a full ride academic scholarship to Sacramento State. During his 2013 to 2017 attendance at Sacramento State Oke would record and release numerous projects and music videos. His music was creating waves throughout California catching the attention of Too $hort, Mistah FAB, Sway Calloway, and Superbowl Champion Marshawn Lynch. With over 2 million streams across YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music combined Oke is seeking to continue to grow and inspire those through his music.