JORDY is a bright light in pop music – his bouncy tracks, sincere voice, and conversational lyrics touch everyone who hears his music. With cotton candy-like tunes that find the power in vulnerability, JORDY is making his mark on thepop music scene.


Music started early for the Illinois native who grew up in a household that not only valued, but encouraged music. Hewas heavily involved in musical theatre and show choir, which not only served as a creative outlet but ignited a passion for music that continues to guide his work today. Crediting his early influences as Hilary Duff, Michelle Branch, Avril Lavigne, and The Spice Girls, his own tracks encapsulate similar glimmering, bouncy 90’s pop sound and diary-entry-esque bops. JORDY not only brings his warmth and dream-like vocals to his songs, but his impressivesongwriting abilities, which is a cornerstone of his creative process.


Living in Boston for college allowed JORDY to immerse himself in the local music scene, playing gigs at bars all over the city and perfecting his sound until his eventual move to Los Angeles to further pursue a music career. It was in the City of Angels that JORDY turned a heartbreak into the fuel for some of his more notable tracks, such as “Just Friends” and “Better By Myself.” The burgeoning artist quickly found his footing with all-too-relatable catchy tracks,that resonated with listeners everywhere and put JORDY on the map as a pop act to watch. EP Psycho wasspotlighted by the critically acclaimed TIME Magazine as “conversational, sing-song style, over bright, undeniablyjoyful pop beats.”


With a budding following, JORDY explored Tik Tok in an effort to share his music with the world. What started out as a research tool to connect with fans during the pandemic became an unexpected success. Dance/pop hit “Long Distance” quickly blew up with JORDY’s account garnering over 135.5k followers and over 625,000 monthly listenerson Spotify. The track, which details the heartache of a long distance relationship during COVID, quickly found company as many listeners related to the uncertainty and loneliness of the pandemic.


Now, fresh off of an appearance on The Today Show, JORDY inked a deal with 300 Entertainment and is lookingforward to new music on the horizon. JORDY is gearing up for his first full-length album, coming this September.