Coleman Hell

Coleman Hell has crafted a genre-defying Monster of a hit with his affecting single “2 Heads.”  The mesmerizing track  has become a multi-format smash, surpassing 35 million global streams on Spotify and Platinum sales status in Canada in the process.

Along with his bandmates, La+ch and Michah, Coleman has spent the past few years paying his dues, offering genre-busting songs and videos that always seem to break new ground. Veering from house, alt-pop, folk-electronica and more by cleverly fusing beats atop the catchiest of songwriting shreds, Hell has a knack for pushing the boundaries of existing pop frameworks and delivering memorable choruses to boot. Anchored by his inspiring and unorthodox approach, the Thunder Bay (Canada) native has forged a prolific reputation as an adventurous outlier with a diverse palate.

Coleman Hell’s debut album will be released in 2016 via 604 Records in Canada and Columbia Records internationally.