Friday, May 30, 2014
2014 Sprint Stage
1:00 pm

“A big, multifaceted, tower-of-power sound” and “inspired by the independent spirit of 90s grunge, Empires’ music takes the urgency and emotion of that era and reboots it for a new generation.” - Rolling Stone

[Empires has] set about doing this right. It's a sentiment reinforced by these sterling alt-pop tracks boasting delicious symmetry of texture and tension. The 20 minutes Empires deliver on BANG makes a strong case that given the current music landscape, bands would be best off releasing EPs of their best songs while the material's still fresh… - Alternative Press

"Layer U2’s early anthemics and The National’s moody swing, ladle on copious amounts of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s fuzz buzz and add dashes of Catherine Wheel and Modest Mouse. Cook under stage lights until they and you are completely done." - CityBeat

“All ethereal and doomy like the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club or the Black Angels, but with a little bit of My Chemical Romance snarl thrown in for good measure” - MTV

"Empires create “explosive Gaslight Anthem-grade stadium rockers.” - AOL Spinner