Max Vehuni and Benji Cormack of slenderbodies strive to create moods & worlds through highly eclectic, surreal indie pop. The California born duo are both producers, songwriters and guitarists, molding all three trees of skill into genre-blurring, emotionally impactful experiences unlike any other.

Max and Benji first met while attending college in late 2013, coming together as slenderbodies in 2016. Their first effort “sotto voce” was a project of passion, unrestrained in its imagination as it transcended a variety of soundscapes. The pair honed their unique blend on their follow up release in 2017, as “fabulist” solidified a sound that was emotionally impactful, sonically soft collection of songs that told a deeper story. Their breakout track “anemone” has since garnered over 30 million streams collectively. Following this release, they began touring, showcasing their versatility as they played with acts like Mura Masa, Passion Pit, PVRIS and Milky Chance.

Late 2018 saw slenderbodies sign to indie tastemaker label Avant Garden Records, releasing singles like “take you home” and “king”, leading up to the release of soraya, the most intricate and recent release to date.

Now, slenderbodies prepare to share their debut album, a journey interlacing the deep soothing sensations of nature bathing with the achingly beautiful reality of human morality. the record cuts rays of light on blissful friendships, tumultuous love stories, the tragic wisdom that comes with age, and the ultimate meaninglessness of it all.