Great Northern

It’s an elusive act to harness what comes out of you and to have it sound and feel the way you envision it.


Creativity is dimensional magic.


It’s like water that slips through you and invites you along for the ride.


It evaporates as quickly as it floods in.


It has been an evolution for Rachel Stolte & Solon Bixler, the creators that make up Great Northern.


For almost a decade Great Northern pushed the pause button on releasing any music.


Their intention?


To rewrite themselves both as individuals and co-creators.


A metamorphosis that felt like “a cross-country marathon of sifting through past life contractual obligations”


The journey they took a gamble on has landed them in their truest form.


A cosmic wish for a perfect storm. Their latest musical creation could very well be the lightning in a bottle that has been a decade in the making.