Atlas Genius

Their Father was a self made man. He started as a miner, miles below the Australian earth before becoming a successful engineer.  But his dreams fell apart following an incapacitating heart attack and a 2 year battle for his life.   While their mother tended to their ailing father, the 3 teenage sons, Keith, Steven & Michael grew up quickly having to provide for the family. Eldest Keith’s job at KFC wasn’t enough, so the Jeffery brothers started playing gigs to pay the family’s bills.  Even the youngest, 14 year old drummer Michael, had to balance school work and early mornings with their late night cover band shows in the local Adelaide clubs.  

After a few years and the healing of their Father, the band built a recording studio in their home’s garage.  Out of this home studio came the band’s debut album and certified gold hit single “Trojans.”  With an upload to Triple J’s site for unsigned music and then pick up into rotation from US radio Sirius’ Alt Nation, Atlas Genius was discovered, signed a record deal, and moved Stateside.